BRÛ Coffee

Our products are fair-trade and organic! It’s very important for us to support our farmers who bring us the most pure, perfectly ripe beans that are ready to roast.

Our headquarters are located in an antique elevator in the historic Praetorian building! The elevator itself is locked in place and preserved to show all the original fabric and architectural elements. We also have an additional pop-up location in the STORIES building every Sunday that features a rotating menu of additional treats in our grab-n-go fridge.

The espresso machines in both locations were made custom made for us by an incredible man named Salvatoré who moved to the states from Florence, Italy. Our in-house roaster is an antique machine that dates all the way to 1898! We flame-roast and grind all our beans in small batches to preserve freshness and a high-quality standard that we can pass on to you!

Our namesake is short for the French word “Brûlerie”, which means “roast”! We chose this name both as a nod to the large French influences in coffee culutre, and as a reference to a Latin term for bear, in honor of Baylor University.

BRÛ Artisan Coffee Works is a café and roastery located in the heart of downtown Waco, Texas. We’ve delighted in serving the greater Waco area with freshly roasted coffee since 2012, and launched our first espresso bar and café in 2016. Our team of coffee artisans are dedicated to providing the best drink experiences for you! We hope that we can bring great coffee into your life, whether you stop into our shop, or order some online!